CorbinFisher BiSex - Sawyer & Toby Bi-Tag Team

Duration: 24:30 Views: 12 725 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Sawyer's never one to say no to a little fun, so when he finds Toby hooking up on the couch, he's ready to dive right into the fray, getting his big dick worshipped by both of them right from the get go in this bi-tag. While Toby is fucking her. she's sucking Sawyer off, before Sawyer blows Toby and then slides into his tight ass. Toby loves the feeling of being completely filled up as Sawyer mounts him doggy-style, before he gets flipped over on his back and has the cum fucked out of him! Never one to let a good load go to waste, Sawyer cums all over Toby and then licks it all up!
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Models: Sawyer Toby