I've Been Waiting - Atlas Grant, Dax Librastic

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Description: When Dax Librastic comes home after work he finds Atlas Grant waiting for him. ..in bed, of course! Who wouldn't be horny at the site of the bearded, furry, tattooed muscle bear? The two immediately embrace and start making out but quickly move on to the pleasure of sucking cock. Dax gets a mouthful as he and Atlas get into a 69, which leads to Atlas eating out Dax's hole. After rimming and fingering Dax, Atlas lubes up, positions himself, and slides his raw, uncut cock home. He fucks Dax bareback, pounding away doggy-style and pushing Dax into ecstasy as he moans and grunts. Sometimes, Dax even fucks himself! Which is perhaps one of the hottest things in the world, to watch a man so in need of cock, aching to be penetrated that he moves at his own rhythm and speed. Atlas eventually flips Dax onto his back, raises his legs and slides back in, this time going deeper.. View I've Been Waiting - Atlas Grant, Dax Librastic hd as completely free. Gay xxx I've Been Waiting - Atlas Grant, Dax Librastic video. PornStar - Atlas Grant. Dax Librastic.
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