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Road To Redneck Hollow - Brenden Davies, Mason Wyler, Tory Mason

Duration: 36:12 Views: 1 524 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Mason Wyler and Tory Mason are two cute, horny cadets stroking each other’s dicks late at night. They’re caught by their captain, rugged, ripped Brendan Davies, who fucks both of them. Mason then soaks Brendan in a shower of piss. Lean, smooth and uncut Mason Wyler springs a big ol’ hard on watching his fellow cadet, hot blond Tory Mason, doing chin ups. The two young horndogs decide to compare cock size, so Tory unbuckles his pants and pulls his dick out of his jock strap. They start pulling on their cocks until they’re both rock hard and then proceed to stroke each other. Hot studly muscle daddy Brendan Davis watches from behind a door as his two cadets lube up and stroke their dicks.
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