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The Boys Are DTF - Chase Ritches, Clay & Jack Lowe

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Description: Messing around with Jack Lowe and Chase Ritches was the highlight of a great weekend I spent on vacation recently. Jack, who is one of my favorite Bastards, you see, is from one of those landlocked corn and wheat growing states. This might be why he's so damn sexy. Well, at any rate he had just been down to visit not 3 weeks before, but I was so eager to see him again that I asked him if he could come down again for a three day weekend. Since he's a senior I guess it wasn't too bad for him to miss a day of class. But instead of the usual spot, we both traveled to a nice beach resort, right on the Gulf. It was pretty much just Jack and me most of the time, "bro"n' out, having crab dinners and smoking stogies on the pier. But this location also happened to be extremely close to where Chase goes to school, so I texted him and asked him if he was finally down for some man-sex.
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