All About The Money Shot - Angel Cruz, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox

Duration: 27:54 Views: 3 552 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: After Filming several scenes with the ColbyKnox crew all that's left is Angel Cruz's Solo Photoshoot. This is normally the easiest part of the trip and saved for the last day. Angel did an outstanding job in his scenes and today Colby Chambers just needs to capture some of his stunning good looks to fill out his profile page. Once the lights are turned on and the camera is out Angel really gets into his zone. The hotness just oozes out of him in an incredible display of masculinity and sexiness. Once Colby has taken a few shots he's already becoming bothered. His pants are stretched tight and his cock won't stop growing. Angel takes the opportunity to get one last fuck in before his flight home. He pulls Colby's fat cock out and begins licking it from shaft to head. The adrenaline is too much to handle and Colby rips Angel's pants down.
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