RAW - Dani deMuse, Wills

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Description: Wills is a former military guy. He got out and thought doing a few video prior to beginning his occupation might help to make ends meet. He explains as directly, but has a few experiences with guys who makes him think he can do alright. As a consequence, alcohol has been included with a minumum of a single incident. Wills said guy were girl, and she invited him to play with one another. He it, so he be helpful using guys. Dani includes a couple of friends that already conduct porn, therefore he had been excited to begin in ChaosMen. He's got a wonderful straight 8" penis he enjoys to make use of mostly to Top. Dani has something for light and domination kink, such as Blind folding and linking up a guy. Dani has a tendency to really go for Twinks, however he. Even hairy guys get it done. In general, I presume he isn't really a picky eater, however, his favourite meal is a lively Twink may treat.
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Models: Dani deMuse Wills