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Description: After missing his flight and with no one to call in town, Markie More is ass out as far a place to stay for the night. Luckily for him, one handsome stranger, Miles Matthews, sees he's stuck and offers Markie a place to crash for the night. Markie is appreciative of the bed to rest his head, but when Miles makes a move on him, Markie realizes there are strings attached to his offer. Luckily for Miles, Markie is the kind of stranger willing to be seduced, so when Miles asks him if he wants to have some fun, Markie realizes this won't be an average extra night in the city. He agrees, and Miles strips him out of his clothes as he kisses up his body.. View seductive strangers - markie more, miles matthews hd as completely free. Gay xxx seductive strangers - markie more, miles matthews video. PornStar - Markie More. Miles Matthews.
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