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Description: Decked out in a leather harness and a black, thong-like jockstrap, Alex Hawk awaits on his fuck bench for the first guy to come along and take his hungry ass for a ride. Along comes tattooed and pierced Tristan Matthews, who normally prefers to bottom. But with an ass like the one Alex has to offer, well, you simply have to take it. Tristan flops onto the bed and beckons scruffy little Alex to join him. The two waste little time in making out or sucking cock and get right down to the fucking instead. But first Tristan eats out Alex's hole, lapping at the hungry pink opening and filling him full of spit.. View bite me - tristan matthews, alex hawk hd as completely free. Gay xxx bite me - tristan matthews, alex hawk video. PornStar - Alex Hawk. Tristan Matthews.
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