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Description: This young job applicant came to my office with a clear vision. He wanted a tourism job abroad. The guy spoke quite a few languages and had a college degree. I don’t see skilled and intelligent young men like this very often. I offered him a position at a cruise ship. He gladly agreed, mostly because there would be plenty of women… Almost like if he hoped to meet and marry a rich widow… Well, he definitely needed someone to help him with finances. Our mediation fee was way too much for him. He preferred to take his clothes off otherwise to get the contract. When we were at it, I offered him a lot more. He agreed reluctantly and gave me a nice blowjob. Unfortunately, the size of my cock scared him a little. Now I had to convince him to put it up his tiny virgin ass.. View gayscout 164 hd as completely free. Gay xxx gayscout 164 video.
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