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Description: Adam Gregory is training Alam Wernik at the gym, and when Alam takes his shirt off at the end of the session, Adam makes his move on the young stud. Alam can't resist Adam's manly touch and bends over to offer up his ass. Adam goes in deep with his tongue and opens Alam up, commenting on the tightness of his ass. Alam wants to get fucked but not before he gets a taste of Adam's thick dick. He turns around to take Adam down his throat and when Adam is throbbing hard, Alam bends over again to take his trainer up his ass. Adam is swift and fast getting his hard cock into the young, tight stud. Alam moans out as Adam picks up the pace to stretch his tight ass.. View xxx-fit - alam wernik, adam gregory hd as completely free. Gay xxx xxx-fit - alam wernik, adam gregory video. PornStar - Adam Gregory. Alam Wernik.
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