Warming Up Inside - Bjorn Nykvist, Ruben Bart

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Description: Europe is so romantic at any time of year, but when the temperatures plummet in the winter months the opportunity to snuggle up with a friend and enjoy some BoyFun to keep warm only makes it more enjoyable. Tall and hung Bjorn Nykvist and his cute friend Ruben Bart have exactly that plan as they escape the chilly streets for the comfort of his Bjorn's apartment, kissing and groping from the moment they arrive. Within a minute greedy boy Ruben is demanding a taste of his friend's incredible cock, both stripping down to their underwear and exploring those bulges. Bjorn's immense length is soon revealed, and quickly slipping into cute Ruben's mouth for some slurping. He's an experienced young man, he knows how to handle a delicious length of hard uncut cock, even one as big as Bjorn's!
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