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Description: Marcos Oliveira likes his men Extra Large and that is why he has invited Andy Onassis over, he is tall, muscular, masculine and his cock is super-sized. As soon as the guys enter the apartment the kissing and wandering hands begin. As Andy removes his shirt, we can also see the outline of his massive cock straining to get out of those jeans. While the kissing intensifies, Marcos releases his long cylindrical cock, which is already at full attention. Andy likes what he sees and also unleashes his massive beast of a cock as the two men begin to explore and stroke the others cock. Andy bends Marcos over and gives him a slight beard burn on his perfect, pink ass as his tongue explores deeper within that hot hole. In this position, Andy has full access to Marcos hot ass, smooth balls and elongated, uncut cock and he takes full advantage of the situation as his tongue runs the full length tasting every morsel along the way.. View extra large: marcos oliveira, andy onassis hd as completely free. Gay xxx extra large: marcos oliveira, andy onassis video. PornStar - Andy Onassis. Marcos Oliveira.
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