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Description: Timo is a naughty boy, he's been eyeing up the Christmas treats and wants to indulge. When Ryan catches him nibbling what he shouldn't he's determined to teach the boy a lesson, but after making out and licking those hard teen cocks it's his ass getting some punishment! Not that you could call it that, who wouldn't want to take a pile driving fuck from this handsome young man and his engorged manhood? Ryan takes it well, and a little rough too, finally pumping his cream from his cock and getting a messy splashing of boy batter all over his gorgeous butt cheeks! If this is how Ryan punishes it's no wonder Timo is so badly behaved around the house.. View caught sneaking treats! - ryan sharp, timo garrett hd as completely free. Gay xxx caught sneaking treats! - ryan sharp, timo garrett video. PornStar - Ryan Sharp. Timo Garrett.
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