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Caught Sneaking Treats! - Ryan Sharp, Timo Garrett

Duration: 18:40 Views: 1 108 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Timo is a naughty boy, he's been eyeing up the Christmas treats and wants to indulge. When Ryan catches him nibbling what he shouldn't he's determined to teach the boy a lesson, but after making out and licking those hard teen cocks it's his ass getting some punishment! Not that you could call it that, who wouldn't want to take a pile driving fuck from this handsome young man and his engorged manhood? Ryan takes it well, and a little rough too, finally pumping his cream from his cock and getting a messy splashing of boy batter all over his gorgeous butt cheeks! If this is how Ryan punishes it's no wonder Timo is so badly behaved around the house.
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