WRESTLING - Karel Omanak, Petr Ugan

Duration: 36:33 Views: 1 012 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Petr Ugan and Karel Omanak are paired in a submission wrestling match. They are both in skimpy underwear and do some warming up exercises before starting the match. Then they are soon rolling all over the mats as they try to remove each other's underwear. Petr is the first to lose his and Karel spanks playfully at the naked ass as they roll around. Then Karel's underwear comes off too. Then seem not to be very concerned about wrestling, as they slap at each other's ass. Then they focus a little more with Petr gaining the first point. They oil each other's bodies and then stroke each other's cock too. With cocks hard they start wrestling again, the oily bodies sliding all over the floor.