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Description: It was done last year, when I first met Chris from Rhode Island, and it actually was my last shooting at my previous BeefCakeHunter Headquarters. Oh my, so many good memories came to mind by watching this scene. It was a crazy time, I was moving to a new place, I was also moving my studio, and at the time I had the footage for that week, so I decided not to release the video until later. When I first saw Beefcake Chris, I was impacted by his masculinity, big legs and arms. He has lost a bit his muscled shape that he had when he was at the Army few years ago, but he is still looking very sexy. I remember he promised me that he will work out a bit this year to get back into that shape, and that is why I waited for him to come back. He did it and we got the most recent video that we have enjoyed! Beefcake Chris Lost tape video has everything that BCH Land is about: a sexy next-door type straight guy, a delicious cock, and a show full of reactions that you can only find in a straight guy that is in need of proper oral attention! His reactions and moaning are priceless! Even though is another oral scene, is his first one! And we all know how hot are those genuine first reactions to an oral service!. View beefcake chris lost tape hd as completely free. Gay xxx beefcake chris lost tape video.
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