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Casting Couch #399: Apolo Fire, Santi Sexy

Duration: 20:26 Views: 4 630 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: From the archives we found Santi Sexy in his first film, appearing with Apolo Fire. As the guys meet up it is apparent from the first kiss that there is definitely an attraction between these two hot men. As the cocks are revealed, Santi is hungry to service Apolo’s huge cock. Taking Apolo’s cock into his mouth, Santi works his way up and down the long cock shaft until he feels Apolo’s uncut cock head pressing further down his throat. Santi knows that he needs to back off, feeling Apolo’s cock reverberating with pleasure. Standing up and presenting his cock, Santi begins feeding his cock to Apolo. Apolo gives his cock the cock sucking it so richly deserves, running his lips along the sleek cock shaft then paying special attention to the ever-expanding cock head. Seeing Apolo’s wonderful cock sucking skills, Santi increases the intensity and begins face fucking Apolo.
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