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SPANKING - Gabriel Gusek

Duration: 21:15 Views: 1 766 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Gabriel Gusek is a very sexy guy. In this spanking he is gagged, blindfolded and shackled, showing off his sexy ass hole as the tormentor arrives. The tormentor's hands begin to rub over Gabriel's hot ass, squeezing the cheeks. Then the hands start to spank on that ass as Gabriel moans. He feels the heavy hands landing on his ass, and then he feels more as a finger probes against his hole. That ass is spread wide to expose Gabriel't tight hole. The ass is spanked hard as Gabriel moans. Then a whip is used on it too. A finger is poked into that tight hole and starts to fuck it as Gabriel's moaning gets louder. He feels that finger work deep into his hole before he is spanked some more.
Models: Gabriel Gusek