OMG! That's Huge! - Mateo Fernandez, Sean Harding

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Description: Sean Harding enters the locker room he has ready gaining his Jock Strap,'' Mateo Fernandez walks and starts disappearing out of his work. If he shows that the large cock dangling between his thighs, Sean can't help but be amazed and eager. Sean instantly drops to his knees and starts sucking on Mateo's huge penis. He does and professional occupation and carrying just as much of it. Mateo then sucks on him for a few of minutes before bending him rimming his bum. Once his bum is fine and wet out of his tongue, then Mateo stands up and gradually illuminates all 9 inches of his enormous prick up Sean's excited ass. With each push, Sean loves it. Sean then rides it for some time before putting on his rear along with using Mateo fuck the cum out of him.
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