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Description: Gerasim Spartak is in charge of Airport Security when Jan Nurad comes in. He has a problem with his passport. Gerasim inspects the passport and says that Jan cannot travel without a new one. Jan tries to bribe Gerasim, which doesn't work as Gerasim says he must arrest Jan. Desperate for another solution Jan succumbs to Gerasim's needs. His head is pushed into Gerasim's groin and he is made to grope his cock. That hard cock is soon out of Gerasim's underwear and Jan has to suck it or go to jail. His mouth envelopes the cock and he begins to suck.. View raw airport security - gerasim spartak, jan nurad hd as completely free. Gay xxx raw airport security - gerasim spartak, jan nurad video. PornStar - Gerasim Spartak. Jan Nurad.
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