Whoremasters, Scene 4 - Beno Eker, Ray Rio

Duration: 33:36 Views: 21 967 Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: For those of you perhaps thinking that this scene is set to be a solo – the first five minutes feature Beno Eker pleasuring himself in the bath – the arrival of new boy, Ray Rio, into the action may come as something of a surprise. And a rather pleasant one at that. After all, whilst the sight of Eker soaping his ass and cock is not altogether an unwelcome one, there’s simply no denying that the introduction of a lithe, blond stranger is a definite bonus; as is the fact that the rookie seems only too willing and eager to get down on his knees so that he can provide his buddy with a much-needed blow-job.
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Models: Beno Eker Ray Rio