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Description: While dark-haired Chris Summers is out for a run, Zack Love is at home playing a video game. Chris returns, eager for some skin-to-skin contact but Zack is way too into gaming to fall prey to his boyfriend's charms. But Chris is tenacious, if nothing else, and Zack eventually caves, taking great delight in the ass rimming Chris gives him. The handsome fucker eats ass as good as, if not better than a straight pussy hound! Then again, who wouldn't want to tongue and lap Zack's sweet hole with the same gusto? Eventually, Chris moves to Zack's cock, treating him to a wet blowjob that all but makes Zack's toes curl. Then he offers up his own cock for service.. View the highest level - chris summers, zack love hd as completely free. Gay xxx the highest level - chris summers, zack love video. PornStar - Chris Summers. Zack Love.
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