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Alpha Flip Fuck - Scott Reynolds, Tancredo Buff

Duration: 36:16 Views: 2 774 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Scott Reynolds and Tancredo Buff get down and dirty in this daddy-on-daddy scene, showing us that even daddies need. ..well...daddies! Silver-haired, mustached Scott devours Tancredo's cock before getting into a mutually satisfying 69 that's as hot as it is sensual. Tancredo, like most Latinos, is a butt-and-hole lover and soon has Scott sitting on his face. He takes his sweet time suckling that pink hole but Scott likes it, too. He flips Tancredo on his belly and buries his face in that hot man ass, devouring the rarely used starburst as if he were sucking out the cream from a donut. Scott slides home nice and easy, bareback fucking Tancredo with skill and finesse.
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