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Description: Sometimes a boy just needs a bit of encouragement from an older and wiser guy to get what he wants – whether it be an inspiring word to help achieve good grades, or a suggestive whisper to embolden him in the world of romance. And in this particular instance it’s very much the latter that’s of concern; as Adrian Bennet receives motivation to take his chance with Lior Hod, and as a result is rewarded with the kind of raunchy, reckless fuck of his dreams. Why, even the thought that others might be able to see them rutting like a pair of wild animals doesn’t seem to put these lads off; as they first take it in turns to gobble away on each other’s dicks, before Hod focuses all his attention of his buddy’s bubble-arse and promptly rims and fucks it for all it’s worth!. View spunk-shootin' scholars, scene 2 - adrian bennet, lior hod hd as completely free. Gay xxx spunk-shootin' scholars, scene 2 - adrian bennet, lior hod video. PornStar - Adrian Bennet. Lior Hod.
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