Three Of A Kind: Kris de Fabio, Marcos Oliveira, Diego Summers

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Description: Kris de Fabio has decided to have an intimate party at his house and invites his two favorite guests, Marco Oliviera and Diego Summers. Its one of those parties where everyone knows that a good time will be had by all. Being the good host that he is, Kris is the first to expose his hard cock and to drop to his knees to greet his guest meaty, uncut cocks. Kris expertly works his way from one hot cock to the other and back again as he lavishes them with his skillful cock sucking skills. This is one hot and horny group of guys, Diego bends over and Kris sucks on Marcos’ cock to make sure that it is perfectly lubed up as he shoves his cock into Diego’s ass. Marcos can’t decide which he likes better, Diego’s ass or Kris’ hot mouth, so he chooses both and pulls his cock out of Diego’s ass as Kris sucks on his cock and re-lubes it for him.
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