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Demon Unleashed - Dominic Pacifico, Fx Rios

Duration: 20:33 Views: 5 758 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: In his quarters, Father Pacifico flogs himself to force the demon of sexual obsession out of him. Enlisted in the effort is Father Xavier (Fx Rios) who savagely whips the crouching nude priest with a cat o'nine tails, and gets a raging hardon himself in the process. Father Pacifico recoils from the sting of the whip, but begins to grind his ass back, relishing each sharp lash of punishment. Ass tender, red and stinging with sharp sensation, Pacifico kneels before Xavier, gladly swallowing his huge hard cock. Possessed and animated by hot sexual need, he opens his mouth as Xavier fucks his face mercilessly. Luring out the savage demon of lust, Xavier thwacks Pacifico's hungry ass even harder. Pacifico offers his mouth as passive fuck hole and fingers his butt, his cock so hard it points straight up toward the heavens.
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