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FILTH ALERT - Gianni Maggio, Kosmo Goran

Duration: 13:19 Views: 5 462 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: FILTH ALERT, this is absolutely fucking stonking - so lets cut to the chase, its snowing in Paris, blah blah blah Gianni Maggio has got a fucking magnificent cock, long, thick, there must be a litre capacity for that beauty and Kosmo Goran is getting it good. Cute little Kosmo is the perfect bottom, eager beaver, and a total cum dumpster - cock hound. Just the sight of that massive cock, rippling in and out of Kosmo's sopping arse, and every withdrawal pulls out Kosmo's arse lips, so its a pouting, sated ruin by the time he's finished. As I say you can tell how much fun everybody had by the about of spunk on the bottom, and it looks like Gianni had a ball using Kosmo's sweet, once-tight hole. This is steaming.
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