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Miller owns Theo's ass - Miller Axton, Theo Brady

Duration: 20:28 Views: 3 460 Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: I don't know who was more excited when I told these two they'd be fucking-- that's when I knew it was gonna be a super hot fuck. And it was! Theo loves him a big dick, and Miller's 9" was exactly what he was wanting... long, hard, warm, and full of a load that he was determined to drain out. The passion as Theo climbed on top of Miller and slid his huge cock in him is something you don't see often. The passion turned more aggressive as Miller threw Theo down on the bed and started pounding him hard, even grabbing his neck a few times to let him know who was really in charge. There's nothing hotter than watching two dudes with 8"+ cocks passionately fucking, and one fucking the load out of the other like Miller did to Theo at the end. You know the sex was great when you both just lay there at the end, covered in cum...smiling in ecstasy.
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