Meet Nathaniel Stone with Colby Chambers

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Description: Colby Chambers is happy to break in the newest ColbyKnox model, Nathaniel Stone. Nathaniel is a North Carolina stud who Colby met while having a few drinks at the local bar. Nathaniel was dancing and Colby made it very clear that he wanted to see more of him real soon. Colby pitched the idea of them going back to his place for some fun and maybe down the road they could work together. Based on today's scene its pretty clear that Nathaniel left a lasting impression. With his plump ass and hairy chest Nathaniel is unique to the site and Colby is more than happy to give him what he wants, a thick cock to sit on. After a quick introduction and some making out its time to get down to business. Colby slides his thick cock deep inside Nathaniel as he moans for more.
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