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Description: Jacob and Jordan have some leftover Halloween candy, and the boys know how to enjoy it together! The big lollipops make a tasty treat, and a perfect excuse for getting a little horny with it too. See the boys enjoying it together, rubbing their cocks with a sweet treat and sucking each other, before Jacob eases his cock into his friend's tight little hole and proceeds to pound him deep! The boys might be slight and twinky but they have some acrobatic skills when it comes to sex. Jacob lifts up his lover and carries him, cock in his hole, then bangs him some more on his back until their cum wads are spewing from their boners and the two are sharing a delicious finish!. View halloween candy surprise! - jordan long, jacob marteny hd as completely free. Gay xxx halloween candy surprise! - jordan long, jacob marteny video. PornStar - Jordan Long. Jacob Marteny.
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