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BONUS SET RAW RAUNCHY - Nicoli Cole, Ely Chaim

Duration: 17:26 Views: 4 152 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: In a lovely bonus set we have Nicoli Cole and Ely Chaim. Nicoli gives Ely a call after he leaves the gym. Nicoli knows that Ely is always horny and Nicoli has worked up an appetite for Ely’s cock while at the gym pumping iron. Ely proves to be the one constant in Nicoli’s life as his excitement is popping out of the top of his pants. Seeing his excitement, Nicoli immediately chokes down Ely’s steely rod. Ely knows that Nicoli is a hungry cock sucker and he takes full advantage of the situation and fucks his handsome face. Turning the tables, Ely savors Nicoli’s meaty cock, making sure that it receives his full attention and is treated to the full pleasures it so richly deserves.
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