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Description: Decked out in a red leather harness, jockstrap and socks, Parker Logan teases his pierced nipples and whips out his big cock, already hard, in anticipation of what's to come. Harper Davis, clad in a black harness and jockstrap, sits on a chair with his ass pushed back for easy access. Bearded and tattooed Parker wastes little time in finger fucking the hairy-assed bottom. After teasing the hungry manhole, Parker commands Harper, telling him to: Sit on it! And Harper does, taking Parker's raw throbbing shaft and riding it like a pogo stick. Slowly but surely, as he gets stretched out, Harper takes more and more, growling and grunting as he fucks himself bareback.. View sit on it - parker logan, harper davis hd as completely free. Gay xxx sit on it - parker logan, harper davis video. PornStar - Harper Davis. Parker Logan.
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