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Butch Fuck - Marcos de Santos, Bairon Hell

Duration: 20:51 Views: 3 553 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: When i clapped my eyes on Marcos De Santos, I knew I had to have this long, lithe cock hungry slut back and YEAH it was steaming hot watching him take a slithering, length of rubbered dick from stunning Yah, But when he said he wanted some raw dick I knew we had to excel ourselves, please welcome the delicious, thick picked THIIICK-dicked Bairon Hell, of Arabic decent, this rampant top was the man for the job, and he did a real number on Marcos' lickeable, kissable. Bairon is a mean driven fucker, who takes his pleasures, and when you're a hot, masculine sub lad that'll tick all your boxes.
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