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Description: Seth Knight isn't sure why buddy Shawn Reeves is acting so weird, but something's definitely up his butt... literally. When Seth discovers what Shawn is hiding, it's no wonder Shawn's in such a foul mood. He's using it all wrong, and Seth is all too happy to show him how it's done. He lubes up the dildo and gives it a nice thrust deep into Shawn's hole. Shawn lets out a scream- half pleasure, half pain- and Seth begins to rub his dick through his pants. Seth never realized Shawn was so into taking a dick, but now that he knows, he's ready to give Shawn the real thing.. View secret anal obsession - shawn reeve, seth knight hd as completely free. Gay xxx secret anal obsession - shawn reeve, seth knight video. PornStar - Seth Knight. Shawn Reeve.
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