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Description: Max Hilton is preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition and is trying to convince his good buddy Robin Sanchez to enter as well. The guys strip down and explore each other’s pumped, ripped muscles. As they work through the posing moves, they find that their cocks are unable to remain restrained by their tight posing trunks. Easily distracted by such a sight, Max and Robin begin to peal away their posing trunks to reveal Their full, throbbing, rock-hard cocks. Max puts Robin on top of the pedestal and takes his hard cock deep into his hungry mouth. Robin has Max choking down his thick cock as he forces his mouth further down onto his demanding cock. Max helps Robin off of the pedestal and sits down as Robin lowers himself to eye level with the prized muscle. Robin leans in and can smell the man sweat wafting up from Max’s massive thighs.. View muscles: max hilton, robin sanchez hd as completely free. Gay xxx muscles: max hilton, robin sanchez video. PornStar - Max Hilton. Robin Sanchez.
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