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Repent: The Meaning Of Sin - Brodie Ramirez, Nic Sahara

Duration: 24:10 Views: 1 757 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Waking with a hardon in a cloistered monastery as your celibate monk brother walks in can be an inconvenient fact of life. Brother Domenico (Brodie Ramirez) offers his ass up for punishment to his lean, handsome friend Brother Nicolai (Nic Sahara). All men are sinners, but their way to drive out the sin is at the receiving end of a hard spanking or with the swat of a scourge. The sensual violence of driving out sin sends both chaste monks' libido into overdrive, and Nicolai's unrepentant cock cries out for the balm of Domenico's willing mouth.
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