Kink 6: Sniff, Lick and Worship - Damian Dragon, Trevor Northman

Duration: 19:05 Views: 5 010 Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: Kinkmeister Damian X Dragon and neophyte Trevor Northman are goofing around in sexy new socks, but that's just the wrapping on the real present. Damian peels off his buddy's black knee high sport socks to gets his lips and tongue around Trevor's wide, nicely shaped feet. Massaging from calves to the soles, Damian kisses the heels, licks the instep and gobbles down those pretty toes. Trevor is up for a try, and yanks down Damian's jeans and socks. He sniffs, sucks and humps Damian's beautiful tattooed feet, then picks up the discarded socks to sniff the pungent aroma.
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