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Solo Guy - Eddie

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Description: Adorable,'' darkhaired Eddie simply celebrated his 21st birthdayand he is prepared to try new ideas. He is Mexican, loves sports, and also likes to eat almost any and every thing. He really loves training and staying busy. "My dick is really hairy, so'' it bends into the left, also it's really symmetrical," says Eddie. "I really like jacking off at the shower! You are totally nude and free. It seems as if you are in character. Additionally, that you need not tidy up afterwards!" giggles boyish Eddie. "I enjoy fast exhausting sex since I am an incredibly demanding individual. Allow me to be more dominant. It isn't super quick, but it is really a process to the orgasm," says Eddie. "today, I am single, and only to have a great time along with different individuals who would like to own pleasure"
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