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Description: Dane Stewart arrives home from work eager to play his servant bitch Alex Hawk. Alex, collared and chained to the walls, strives to prevent his captor but there is just so far they could proceed. Dane yanks him pushes him into his knees, and hammering his head until Alex begs, opening his mouth to suck Dane's balls and cock. Dane fucks Alex's wet open mouth, holding his head in place as he squirms to getaway. Due to his bitch attempting to conduct, Dane determines Alex may use a punishment. He also manhandles A-Lex along his lap, pulls his briefs, and hammering A Lex's buttocks crimson using a leather paddle. Alex cries with each struck, fighting to escape a way. Dane uses his brute force to lock Alex inplace since he pushes Alex's head back on his penis. All of Alex may do would be simply take Dane's fat cock as far down his throat because it's going to go. Next, Alex is tied to some mattress for a leather-clad Dane flogs his torso, abdomen, and penis. Alex shouts whilst the flogger gets touch and Dane plays his penis. Dane yells and chokes his bitch right into entry. A Lex acquiesces into Dane's wants, telling him how he loves his prick, but Dane does not letup. He shoves his penis Alex's throat also has been flog his bitch and yank his sensitive nipples. Finally, Alex is wrapped with straps on his nipples that are tender and also a fuck slew of close hooks onto his balls. Dane brings about a fuck watched and destroys it into Alex's tight ass hole. Alex cries as Dane's tool fucks his bum. Once Alex's hole has been enlarged open, Dane simplifies his electricity saw together along with his thick prick. He drops this bitch's tight tight whore hole and blows off his fat load all over Alex's face. A Lex sucks on his penis subsequently placed back into his cage and then chained up. He's built to knock off his Master's boot after which dismisses his wreck before sucking and licking Dane's feet.. View captive slave submits to daddy - dane stewart, alex hawk hd as completely free. Gay xxx captive slave submits to daddy - dane stewart, alex hawk video. PornStar - Dane Stewart. Alex Hawk.
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